Raquettes à neige

Stay snowshoes in Vanoise / Beaufortain

4 ½ days with a night in refuge

Duration: 5 days
from 490 €
* for 11 to 12 participants, others see details
Technical level required:
Physical level required:

Minimal level : standard

Walking time : maximum 6 h

Heigh variation : between 300 and 1000 m positive and negative

Luggage porterage : days 1, 2 and 3 comfort porterage ; days 4 and 5 reduced porterage.


With a guide member of the Company of High Mountain Guide and Guide of Vanoise

For technical information, you can contact

Name : DEZE Antoine

Mobile phone : +33 6 66 68 56 79

E-mail : antoine@baladesducolporteur.com 

Mon January 8th 2018 to Fri January 12th 2018
Places disponibles: 12
Nombre d'inscriptions1 - 78 - 1011 - 12
Prix550,00 €515,00 €490,00 €

Go off to explore major places of the valley of Tarentaise in snowshoes. 

Situated between the massif of Vanoise and Beaufortain, known for its ski resorts, this valley possesses fantastic places for the practice of the snowshoe with grand views on summits in more than 3000 m. 


The first three days, the course is in star. You will live in a bed and breakfast with friendly table d'hôte having a warm welcome with a rich and authentic table. 

We shall go off to explore virgin mountains, a village of classified high mountain pasture and a chalet of high mountain pasture where we shall make a culinary stopping place original. 

For the fourth and fifth days, you will have the enjoyment to leave for roaming at the heart of the massif of Beaufortain and to be welcomed in the refuge of the Nant du Beurre.

Group size

Required minimum number: 6 participants

Required maximum number: 12 participants

Maximum number of groups: 1

Accommodation type

Table and guest houses: 

On the heights of Bourg Saint Maurice, Cathy's welcome is warm and she will know how to receive you at her table by making you taste her Savoyard specialities.

A capacity of 15 people: 5 rooms from 2 to 5 places with bathroom and TOILETS. 


Refuge of the Nant du Beurre: 

A capacity of 31 people in 5 dormitories and 2 rooms.

A dormitory of 6 beds, one of 5 beds, four of 4 beds and two rooms of 2 beds. Braids are supplied.


Taken care from the dinner of the 1st day until the lunch of the last day.

Dinners and breakfasts make in the day table d'hôte 1 up to date 3 and in the refuge for day 4.

The lunches are in the form of improved picnics and of a fondue for day 2.


Transfers are not included in the price. They will be assured free of charge by the guide.

Beyond 8 participants, passenger cars will be requested to go to the places of the releases.


Police formalities : Identity card valid

Sanitary formalities : Warn your guide of any medical risk. To realize this stay in the best conditions, we advise you to make beforehand a medical balance sheet with your general practitioner to confirm your capacity for the trekking.

Access to the meeting

By yourself


See product


550 euros each one for 6 to 7 participants

515 euros each one for 8 to 10 participants

490 euros each one for 11 to 12 participants

The price includes

Elements described above concerning :

  • The overnight stays and the half boards for day 1, day 2 and day 3 in the bed and breakfast and for day 4 in the refuge.
  • The lunches of 2nd, 3rd, 4th and 5th days.
  • The lunches are in the form of picnics.
  • The frame by a guide, a graduate, an inhabitant la Tarentaise
  • Snowshoes and sticks.
  • The DVA (victim's detector of avalanche) for day 4 and day 5.
The price don't includes

Elements descried above concerning :

  • Your arrival to Bourg-Saint-Maurice.
  • The lunch of the first day. 
  • The personal insurances: personal civil liability …
  • The individual equipment,
  • Drinks
  • Police formalities and sanitary
  • All which is not mentioned in this document
Payment terms

Deposit of 30 % on registration. Balance in 30 days of the departure. Payments accepted by bank transfer or bank card.


Every participant have to be a holder of a civil liability as well as an individual guarantee multirisk with the aim of protecting itself incidents or accidents which can arise before either during the trekking.

If needed, we propose you several formulae of insurances, under the condition that your place of residence is in Europe:

  • ASSISTANCE : repatriation / expenses of help and search in 1 % of the amount of the price,
  • CANCELLATION in 3,5 % of the amount of the price
  • In the case of purchase of both formulae, Assistance + cancellation to 4,5 %, you will be also covered for the interruption of stay. 

General arrangements of Insurance on brochures Europ Assistance.

Day 1: put in leg and sunset.

Departure: meeting in the funicular of Bourg-Saint-Maurice 

At 1:00 am.

Taken out snowshoes in the afternoon on the mountain of St Germain.

Over Bourg-Saint-Maurice, contrary to ski resorts, the site offers us a wide view on the valley of Tarentaise. The panorama is very wide with a fantastic view over the sites of society Foy Tarentaise, Arcs and La Plagne. The sunset on the summit of the Rotten Mount (3776m) is a delight.

Arrived at the room for 5:45 am.

2:30 am of walking ; 300 m of made uneven positive and negative.


Day 2 : panoramas and conviviality

Departure at about 9 am:

Walking on slopes the South of Beaufortain and meal in the chalet of high mountain pasture.

The beginning of the course is situated in a bottom of valley framed by magnificent summits in the cut needles. You discover the old chalets of high mountain pasture, the chapel St Guérin and the irrigation channels of the XVth century. The second part is a magnificent path balcony, with of wide seen, in front of sun. The panorama on the massif of Vanoise is great.

Arrived at the chalet, after a well deserved apéritif, we taste the cheese fondue decorated with delicatessen of country and with the salad of the walker. The circuit of return, in front of Pass of Madeleine participates in a good digestion …

Arrived at the bed and breakfast at about 5:30 am.

4 hours of walking, 2750 meters of made uneven positive and negative


Day 3: heritage and glaciers.

Departure: by 9 am.

Descent in the valley of high height of the Nail in 2600 m, and crossing of one of the most beautiful villages of the Alps of the North: Monal.

The ski lifts of the station of society Foy raise us in 2600 m of height. The point of view on the glaciers of the Rotten Mount and the Balme is spectacular. We come down in this wide valley where the landscape is wild, of a spotless white, with very beautiful summits which realize the Italian border. Mid-term, we reach a wide projecting ledge with ice-cold ponds and forest of larches. It is here that you discover the village of Monal: village classified in the Savoyard heritage.

Picnic in 2200 m of height.

Arrived at the bed and breakfast by 5:30 pm. 5:30 am of walking, 1000 m of made uneven negative


Day 4: at night in mountain.

Departure at about 8:30 am.

Achievement of a summit with view on 360 ° and stopping place in the refuge.

The valley is forgotten by the crowds. In front of Pass of Madeleine and surrounded with two wide crests, the view is opened, with a wonderful panorama on the Pass of Madeleine.

Far from the nearby tourist developments, this valley knew how to keep its authenticity, what has it makes so attractive today. 

Arrived at the refuge, you will have the pleasure to relieve your shoulders by leaving the big person(main part) of your bags in your room(chamber). 

Then, you will leave to the ascent of the nearby summit: Grand Crétet. This point of view in 360 ° is ideal to observe the massifs of the Mont Blanc, the Aravis, Beaufortain and Belledonne.

The refuge, very comfortable, warm is completely isolated.

Completed for a friendly evening and atypical night.

6:30 am of walking, Made uneven positive: 915 m, Made uneven negative: 175 m


Day 5: the tour of crests and panoramas.

Departure: 9 am.

A day in mountain, far from all.

This release offers grand panoramas on the massif of Vanoise.

You move in more of 2000 m on real trays in flat slopes, exposed south. This unique and wild frame boffers you a strong feeling of escape!

A second ascent with view in 360 ° will be for the program: the point of Dzonfié and its 2455 m.

Once the pass of Bozon joins, a big descent allows you to reach the village of Grand Naves, in a very playful way.

Return for 4 pm to Grand Naves and for 5:30 am at the train Moutiers Station.

6:30 am of walking, Made uneven positive: 600 m, Made uneven negative: 950 m


It is of course only area code, it will be necessary to us to adapt ourselves to the hazards of the weather report as well as in the conditions of the mountain and the participants. In the last resort, the mid mountain guide remains only judge of the program whom he can modify because of imperatives of safety.

Equipment furnished

Snowshoes, sticks and ARVA for the 4th and 5th day.

Personal equipment to be planned
For the porterage comfort:
On one
  • A tight jacket.
  • A tight pants.
  • Inhaling T-shirt.
  • Polar light two.
  • Tight hiking boots.
  • Backpack of 20l.
  • Snowshoes and sticks
In the backpack
  • A bottle of water: 1l in 1.5l.
  • Gloves, cap and / or a headband.
  • Sunscreen (indicate 50 or 30 min).
  • Sunglasses.
  • Seeds or cereal bars.
For comfort
  • Gaiters; cap.
  • Stick with lips.
  • A dry T-shirt, a pair of dry socks, a mask nose.
  • Hot tea, pair of twins.
For reduced porterage
On one
  • Tight hiking boots.
  • Inhaling T-shirt.
  • Polar very light two.
  • A jacket Gore Tex.
  • A ski pants, or better, a pants seal without polar lining.
  • Hat or hides ears.
  • Gloves.
  • Gaiters.
  • Hide fine nose.
  • Backpack of minimum 20 liters..
In the backpack
  • 1 l of water minimum.
  • Sunglasses, cap.
  • Sunscreen indicates 50.
  • Stick with lips.
  • A T-shirt
  • A pair of socks.
  • A glass.
  • A knife.
  • Chargers..
For comfort
  • A pair of twins.
  • A package of handkerchiefs
  • Camera
  • Telephone
  • Paper of identity
Not exhaustive list