Freeride 3 Vallées
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5 days Freeride traineeship in 3 Vallées !

Duration: 5 days
from 995 €
* each one for 6 participants, others see détails
Technical level required:
Physical level required:

Minimal level : Black slope

Walking time : Day 1: ab 45mn / Day 2: ab 1h / Day 3 ab 1h30 / Day 4 : ab 1h/ Day 5 : ab 1h30 (or more if wanted)

Heigh variation : Day 1: D+ ab 200m / Day 2 : D+ ab 300m / Day 3 : D+ ab 350m/ Day 4 : D+ ab 200m/ Day 5 : D+ ab 350m (or more if wanted)

Luggage porterage : no


By a mountain guide of the Meribel’s Mountain Guide Office, member of the Vanoise’s Guides Company.

Contact for information technique: office of the guides of Méribel
Phone : +33 (0) 643 897 291
E-mail :

Mon March 12th 2018 to Fri March 16th 2018
Places disponibles: 6
Nombre d'inscriptions6541 - 3
Prix995,00 €1 050,00 €1 195,00 €1 395,00 €
Mon March 19th 2018 to Fri March 23rd 2018
Places disponibles: 6
Nombre d'inscriptions6541 - 3
Prix995,00 €1 050,00 €1 195,00 €1 395,00 €
Mon March 26th 2018 to Fri March 30th 2018
Places disponibles: 6
Nombre d'inscriptions6541 - 3
Prix995,00 €1 050,00 €1 195,00 €1 395,00 €
Mon April 2nd 2018 to Fri April 6th 2018
Places disponibles: 6
Nombre d'inscriptions6541 - 3
Prix995,00 €1 050,00 €1 195,00 €1 395,00 €
Mon April 9th 2018 to Fri April 13th 2018
Places disponibles: 6
Nombre d'inscriptions6541 - 3
Prix995,00 €1 050,00 €1 195,00 €1 395,00 €
Mon April 16th 2018 to Fri April 20th 2018
Places disponibles: 6
Nombre d'inscriptions6541 - 3
Prix995,00 €1 050,00 €1 195,00 €1 395,00 €

Improvement in off-piste skiing and ski touring on of 3 Valleys and Paradiski (La Plagne – Les Arcs) : A must to discover the world’s biggest ski area !

Group size

Required minimum number:  3 participants
Required maximum number:  6 participants
Maximum number of groups:  1
Beyond 6 people, a second guide will be necessary 

Accommodation type

Not included


Picnic or restaurant according to the weather conditions, not included in the price, from day 1 to day 5


Ski lifts on the domain of 3 Valleys and Paradiski, and a transfert in taxi.


Police formalities : Identity car valid

Sanitary formalities : Warn your guide of any medical risk. To realize this stay in the best conditions, we advise you to make beforehand a medical balance sheet with your general practitioner to confirm your capacity for the trekking.

Access to the meeting

By your own ways 

Several possible dates

See product

A lot of date possible between the 11th f december 2017 and the 23rd of April 2018


995 € / person if 6 participants,
1050 € / person if 5 participants,
1195 € / person if 4 participants,
1395 € / person if 3 participants.


It is possible to be refunded of 61 € per person if you have your ski pass 3 Valleys if you show your ski pass in the registration and if you use it during the day.

Additional services

Rental equipment possibly (see the case about that at the end of the document)

The price includes

Elements described above concerning : the mountain guide for 5 days, taxi transfert, ski pass 3 Valleys 4 days and Paradiski 1 day.

The price don't includes

Elements descried above concerning :

  • Picnics and / or restaurant day 1 to day 5
  • The personal insurances: personal civil liability …
  • The individual equipment,
  • Drinks
  • Police formalities and sanitary
  • All which is not mentioned in this document
Payment terms

Acompte de 30 % à l'inscription si inscription plus de 30 jours avant

Solde à 30 jours du départ ou règlement total à l’inscription.

Payments accepted by bank transfer or bank card.


Every participant have to be a holder of a civil liability as well as an individual guarantee multirisk with the aim of protecting itself incidents or accidents which can arise before either during the trekking.

If needed, we propose you several formulae of insurances, under the condition that your place of residence is in Europe:

  • ASSISTANCE : repatriation / expenses of help and search in 1 % of the amount of the price,
  • CANCELLATION in 3,5 % of the amount of the price
  • In the case of purchase of both formulae, Assistance + cancellation to 4,5 %, you will be also covered for the interruption of stay. 

General arrangements of Insurance on brochures Europ Assistance.

Departure conditions in case of lack of participants

If the minimum number of 3 participants is not reached in the departure morning, you have 3 possibilities: 

  • departure possible for two participants at 2095 € each person,
  • proposal of another service,
  • cancellation of the service with refund.

Day 1 : Safety exercise of research with beeper. Off-piste skiing and/or ski touring on the domain of 3 Valleys: Vallée des Avals, Rafforts, Dos de  Crest Voland or other.

Day 2 : ski touring and technical improvement (off-piste skiing, ski touring). Valley of Encombres, Glacier du Borgne, Couloir de la tempête or other one.

Day 3 : Keep on exploring 3 Vallées’s ski area with great off pist skiing : Combe Sans Nom, Vallon du Loup, Dame Blanche or other.

Day 4 : transfer in taxi to Champagny en Vanoise, 25 mn by taxi from Méribel, on the domain of Paradiski (La Plagne – Les Arcs). We take the ski lifts for a short rise skis on the back, before 1800m of descent in the beautifulest part of the ski area.

Day 5 : big route of ski of 3 Valleys following conditions: glacier de Gébroulaz, Col de Polset and descent on the valley of Maurienne, Rocher de Plassa or other.

It is of course only area code, it will be necessary to us to adapt ourselves to the hazards of the weather report as well as in the conditions of the mountain and the participants. In the last resort, the mid mountain guide remains only judge of the program whom he can modify because of imperatives of safety.

Equipment furnished

Beeper, shovel and probe. Backpack if needed.

Rental equipment

optional: ski sticks shoes skins ski crampons 5 days : 325€/pers

ski sticks skins ski crampons : 5 days 265€/pers

ABS backpack 5 days : 140€/pers

Personal equipment to be planned
  • Bottle of water 1litre or thermos jug 50cl, 
  • energies bars, 
  • hot gloves, 
  • ski googles, 
  • suncream. 
  • Your usual ski equipment. Fat skis 90-100mm on skate.

Not exhaustive list